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Untitled (4) (1)Ebonee Copeland, Councilmember

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My name is Ebonee Copeland. I have been a resident of Center Point for four years. I am recently married and have three children. I love to travel and spend time with family and friends.  I am looking forward to being a part of helping Center Point to grow economically and bringing the residents together to build up our city.

Employment & Service

I am currently an Auditor for the Jefferson County Commission in the Revenue Department.  I have an MBA with a concentration in Public Administration. I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, as well as an Associate’s degree in Small Business Management. I am a current member of the County Revenue Officers Association of Alabama. I’ve held a Treasurer position on the Travelers Aid of Greater Birmingham Junior Board for several years.

I love to be of service and help to others. I have recently founded a non-profit organization called The Higher Learning Initiative that will provide resources to high school-age children up to young adults on college and trade school preparation and entrepreneurship training through workshops, group learning sessions, and community engagement outings that will educate and empower young people to thrive in the real world.