Historical Committee

The City of Center Point Historical Committee researches historic homes in the Center Point Area in the archives at the Birmingham library. Through their research, the members decide which Center Point homes are eligible for historical plaques.

Speeches are made by Chairperson Betty Henderson on the history of Center Point and other topics.

In addition to identifying historical sites and homes, the City of Center Point Historical Committee is also planning a pictorial display in a special section of the Center Point, Alabama City Hall.


  • Betty Henderson (Chairperson)
  • Roger Hart
  • Bob Pearson
  • Shirley and Joe Sawyer



Native Americans occupied the Springs property.


The Reed family arrived in the area from North Carolina. Five years later they obtained a Land Grant on their Center Point property in Tuscaloosa. Other settlers began to drift into the area. There was little water.


Dave Franklin dug a well and built a log cabin in the area. He later built a rock store.


The area was given the name Center Point. The children received their education in a one room school house. Center Point boasted of a blacksmith shop, a grocery store and a Post Office. Andy Beard of Center Point invented the coupling mechanism for railroad cars and sold it for $10,000.


Mrs. Rob Franklin started the Baptist church.


Center Point Elementary School was constructed with fieldstone rock gathered from all over Center Point.


Mrs. Leon Moore started the Methodist Church in her home.


Cullen Scott discovered enough water to supply Center Point. A large tank was erected.

1960s to 1990s

Center Point became the largest unincorporated area in the United States with a population of 64,000 and plenty of thriving businesses.


Center Point citizens voted to become a city on March 12, 2002 with 84% of the vote. Official Incorporation date was March 28, 2002. The first Council and Mayor Tom Henderson were elected on April 23, 2002.