Ordinance Reminder

The City of Center Point would like to remind residents of the following ordinances that are in effect:

  • Please cut your grass at regular intervals, including ditches and up to the street.  We want Center Point to be a clean City.
  • If you do not subscribe to Advanced Disposal garbage service, you are responsible for the disposal of garbage and trash.
  • Center Point does have a Smoking Ordinance prohibiting smoking in all public buildings as well as City parks.
  • Center Point has a Dangerous Dog Ordinance that prohibits pit bulls in Center Point.  We also have a Lease Law that requires all dogs be on a lease and under the control of their owner when not in a fence or structure.
  • The Center Point Curfew Ordinance is in effect.  From Sunday through Thursday the curfew time for everyone 17 and under is 9 pm.  On Friday through Saturday it is 11 pm.  During the week, Monday through Friday, children of school age should be in school or at home during school hours.
  • In Center Point we have a significant problem of drivers cutting through parking lots to avoid traffic lights.  We have had quite a few accidents caused by this action.  This is a violation of traffic laws and could lead to the driver receiving a ticket or being arrested.  This maneuver needs to stop.