Economic Development Committee

Economic Development Committee

Our Vision:

The Center Point Economic Development Committee (CEDC) is a group of community members passionate about seeing Center Point as a vibrant community promoting economic growth while preserving and developing more assets that make our city a great place for both residents and businesses.

Mission Statement:

The Center Point Economic Development Committee (CEDC) will work to actively promote, encourage, strategically plan, and facilitate the development of responsible and properly planned commercial, industrial, and residential growth within the community to expand and strengthen Center Point's economy and diversify the tax base of the city by identifying and targeting key business sectors that complement the fabric of our community, are beneficial to the residents, and create jobs.

The CEDC will serve as an advisory board and liaison between businesses and municipal government by providing recommendations for planning that best serve the business and resident communities, while being consistent with the city's master plan and being respectful of environmental and traffic considerations.

Committee Members:

Chairperson- Council President D.M. Collins

Vice Chairperson- Darriel Billups

Public Relations Officer- Johari Burnette

Business Engagement Officer- Buddy Aydelette

Grants and Funding Officer- Tom Henderson

Community Engagement Officer- Kathy Gregory

Councilor Ebonee Copeland

Meeting Times:

 4th Thursday of each month