Election Information

City of Center Point Ad Valorem Tax - Special Election
When is the special election?

Tuesday, October 11, 2022
 7 am - 7 pm


Where can I go to vote?
 City of Center Point 

2209 Center Point Parkway

Center Point, AL 35215
What is the special election about?
The City of Center Point will hold a special election for the purpose of submitting to voters whether to authorize the levy of an additional rate of ad valorem taxation of 0.007%of assessed value each year for general municipal purposes, which, if approved by a majority of qualified voters of the City voting at the special election, will result in a rate of ad valorem taxes of $0.012% of assessed value each year. 
What is the current Ad Valorem Tax for the City of Center Point?
The City of Center Point is presently authorized to and does levy and collect general ad valorem tax at a rate of 0.005% of the value of property located in Center Point and is assessed each year.
How will the Ad Valorem Tax benefit the city and its residents?

General municipal purposes for the ad valorem tax include but are not limited to: 

  • infrastructure and waste disposal
    • The benefit would be the direct impact of being able to keep the debris off the streets and help to cut out illegal dumping.
    • Being able to remove a fair amount of dilapidated structures throughout the city. Burned and damaged houses as well as hazardous conditions in abandoned apt complexes. 
  • public safety
    • continuing to provide resources, programming, and initiatives to foster safer communities in the City of Center Point.
  • parks & recreation
    • Improve the City of Center Point’s parks and recreational facilities. 
  • education 
    • Every year the City of Center Point’s sets aside funds for all four of Center Point's schools to help with supplies and programs offered by the schools. Even though we have county run schools the city has always tried to supplement and help with needed items from educational trips to student development courses. This will help us further assist in promoting our children's learning opportunities. 


How to request an absentee ballot?
 To obtain an absentee ballot application for October 11, 2022, Election write or visit the Absentee Election Manager (City Clerk), at 
cityclerk@centerpointal.org or City Hall located at 2209 Center Point Parkway, Center Point, AL 35215.