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1. When are council meetings held?
2. Are Veterans Memorial Stones still available?
3. Does Center Point have a Neighborhood Watch Program?
4. Who do I call for household/debris removal service?
5. Advanced Disposal just isn’t handling my situation, can the City help me?
6. Can I burn my debris?
7. Who do I call about a street sign having been knocked over?
8. The neighbors never cut their grass. Who do I call?
9. Who do I contact about Fire Dues?
10. Is the Jefferson County Courthouse in Center Point open?
11. How do I know what school my child is zoned for?
12. Who do I call for Animal Control?
13. An animal is loose in the neighborhood and is posing an immediate threat. What can be done now?
14. Does the Center Point Post Office have a direct phone number?
15. How can I find out who owns a property?
16. Do I need a permit to have a yard sale?
17. What can be done about an animal being mistreated?
18. The neighboring house has trash and/or furniture piled at the road. Who do I call?
19. What is the school phone number?